There were reports out of Washington last week that Democrats were getting nervous, as Donald Trump claimed a lead in many polls following the Republican convention. When the primary season was coming to an end and the first meaningful polls were coming up between Clinton and Trump, Clinton was way out ahead, and many Democrats were discussing an easy victory for Clinton, with some even speculating Dems could take back both the House and Senate. The Donald has been ascending in the polls ever since, and it’s made Democrats increasingly nervous.


Some of those nerves got quelled today, as a new poll from the non-partisan group RABA research showed Clinton with a commanding lead. In the poll, Clinton got 46 percent of the vote to Donald Trump’s 31. Gary Johnson received 7 percent in the poll, and Green Party Candidate Jill Stein received two percent.


The numbers suggest that the Democratic Convention was a success, in sharp contrast the Republican convention. The Democratic Convention was, well, conventional. It’s speakers list included the current President, a former President, and Clinton’s primary opponents all giving full throated endorsements.


The Republican Convention, on the other hand, was anything but normal. The two living Republican President’s refused to attend, the primaries runner up told voters to “vote their conscience,” and there were chants throughout the convention to lock the opposing party’s nominee in jail.


Clinton appears to be winning over both liberals as well as #NeverTrump Republicans, two groups that will be vital to her success in November. For now, the Clinton campaign can breathe a sigh of relief, but with more threats of e-mail leaks coming in the future, they shouldn’t get too comfortable.


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