It might seem like a stretch, but now that Bernie Sanders is out of the race Donald Trump is the only candidate I can support. Hear me out, because Bernie Sanders started a movement, and so did Donald Trump, the only difference is Trump has the force of personality and the support needed to take his movement and accomplish its goals.


It surprised me too, but the more I looked into Trump and his policies the more it became abundantly clear that where it matters Trump will do more to destroy the rigged political system than Hillary Clinton ever will. If cronyism, endless war, economic stagnation, or getting money out of politics are important issues for you, Donald Trump is the only candidate you can support in 2016.


Hillary Clinton systematically rigged the primary process and she has used her various positions in government to make herself incredibly wealthy. During the primary the Wall Street transcripts were a big deal, a huge deal, as Hillary Clinton made $225,000 for a single speech. She tried to play that off like it was no big deal, like it bought no influence, but think about how much money that is for one hour of her time.


Not only is that irresponsible and unethical, it shows a blatant disrespect for the American people. To take that check, and dozens of other checks just like it, and then go city to city acting like that doesn’t change the calculus of a political situation. That is insane.


Donald Trump did something no other candidate has ever done in American political history, he paid his own way in a major party’s primary election. This deal might be off for the general election, but those have a price tag of at least $1 billion, I’d probably make the Republican Party pay my tab too if I beat them thoroughly at their own game and the future of their institution was in my hands. Hillary Clinton simply went to the same people who paid her before, and that’s who she will go to again.


Donald Trump might be taking their money now, but he bent them to his will first. He showed them the rules by which he’s going to play and made them agree. Hillary Clinton has played by the money’s rules this entire time, and will continue to change those rules to make the playing field more uneven by the day.


It’s no coincidence Donald Trump’s Republican Party has a modern day Glass-Stegall on its platform, the same reform Bernie Sanders offered to solve the growing influence of the financial sector. The same reform Hillary Clinton opposed adamantly and her husband Bill Clinton repealed in the 1990’s. The same reform that very well might have opposed.


Just look at NAFTA, permanent trade relations with China, or the TPP she supported 30+ times while Secretary of State. Each of those reforms were supported by the Clinton’s at one point or another and each of those reforms either already has or promises to gut American jobs. It’s easy to pass those trade deals when you don’t even know any of the millions of men and women who are going to lose their livelihood, it’s probably even easier when people that stand to profit have already made you and your family incredibly wealthy.


Donald Trump might have factories in Mexico, but he’s never told the American people that he’ll bring jobs back to America and then systematically moved them to China. He’s telling the American people he’ll bring those jobs back now, and that won’t be an easy feat. Considering Hillary Clinton was hesitant to come out against the TPP to begin with, Donald Trump is the only candidate who has what it takes to bend the political elite once again and kill trade deals that would devastate American jobs.


American jobs aren’t the only thing Hillary Clinton would devastate, just look at American foreign policy while she served as secretary of state. Donald Trump has consistently come out against our interventionist wars. In South Carolina, while running for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump stood in a room full of diehard Bush loyalists, called them out for being Republican Party special interests, and called Iraq what it was, a complete and utter failure. Hillary Clinton took to the senate floor and authorized that failure.


Then once the country is destabilized, after thousands of Americans lost their lives, along with tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens, Hillary Clinton does it again, this time in Libya. The results haven’t quite panned out, but just a quick look at the refugee crisis in Europe will tell you it isn’t good. ISIS in Libya will tell you it’s great though.


Donald Trump isn’t perfect. He says some things he probably shouldn’t, he needlessly crosses some lines he shouldn’t be anywhere close to, and he contradicts himself from time to time. Compared to 30 years of support for failed policies that is nothing. Donald Trump has taken the country by storm and more or less single handedly orchestrated a hostile takeover of a 150 year old political institution. We’ve got some big problems to solve, problems his opponent helped create. Maybe we should support the guy who hasn’t listened to anyone but himself and has proven himself right over and over again, when nobody said he would.
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