Nina Turner
High level Bernie Sanders’ surrogate Nina Turner is considering an offer from Jill Stein to join the Green Party ticket in the Vice Presidential spot. Jill Stein has long been trying to convince Bernie Sanders to run Green Party, arguing the Democratic Primary was rigged against him, but Bernie Sanders opted to endorse Hillary Clinton to Stein’s dismay.


Turner is coming off a contentious week at the Democratic National Convention, where she was scheduled to second Bernie Sanders’ nomination, but was allegedly told she wouldn’t be able to when she arrived. The drama resulted in protests outside the convention that was led by high level Sanders’ supporters Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, and Rosario Dawson. initially reported the story the Turner was seriously considering taking Stein’s offer.


“It’s true,” Turner said, confirming the report to the Washington Post. “Talking with my family. There’s nothing to tell at this point.”


Turner’s consideration comes as welcome news to the Bernie Sanders’ holdouts who were disappointed by the Senator’s endorsement of Clinton. Jill Stein is currently polling between 2 and 5 percent in the polls, but Turner’s high profile and links to the Sanders’ campaign may be able to lift those numbers.


The 48 year old Nina Turner has been a rising star in Ohio state politics, first serving as a councilwoman for the city of Cleveland, and then an Ohio state Senator. She’s been travelling the country with Sanders over the course of the last year, serving as a surrogate in the media and an opener for some of Sanders’ most important speeches.
Turner, who initially supported Hillary Clinton, became an outspoken supporter of Sanders, and a consistent critic of the Democratic Party.


Turner is expected to announce her decision in the coming days. Surely the decision will come before the Green Party convention, which officially kicks off this Thursday in Houston.
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