Prison sustainability and adequate nutrition for prisoners are two problems that are present in almost all prison systems and they are sometimes difficult to solve. Many people disdain the idea of their tax dollars being spent to make life easier for prisoners, especially if that means allowing them a level of care or standard of living average people find difficult to obtain. Prisons in Western Australia have hurdled those taboos by putting prisoners to work on the Karnet Prison Farm, growing all the food for prisons in Western Australia and providing a unique solution to a pressing problem.


Sustainable, nutritious food, is not always a priority in prisons, but the Karnet Prison Farm has enabled prisoners to gain a valuable rehabilitative experience while providing a valuable service for their fellow prisoners and the people of Australia as a whole. The farm grows fresh fruit in its orchard and garden vegetables in plots all across its 927 acre property. The farm is home to herds of sheep, cattle, and a poultry farm for chicken.


The farm has sustained the prisoners of Western Australia for decades since opening in 1963. Located just 10 miles south of the small town of Serpentine and just over 30 miles south of Perth, the farm sits smack dab in the middle of South Western Australia.


The Karnet Prison Farm is a unique example of a win-win scenario in incarceration. Around the world, particularly in the United States, prison populations are booming. Conditions in those prisons are becoming worse and worse as they reach capacity. The Karnet Prison Farm solves some of those problems by providing an open prison system for low level offenders to learn valuable skills that actually benefit society and their fellow prisoners.


The Karnet Prison Farm is a unique solution to a widespread problem. It can not be implemented everywhere, but it is worth looking at as a way to improve life for prisoners and prison conditions as a whole. While saving everyone else time and money.


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