Stephanie Dawson of Moyock North Carolina went into labor late one night and knew she would be giving birth the next day. Early the next morning she took to the rarely snowy, but then covered, North Carolina highway. Snow made an otherwise seamless trip painstakingly slow, but breaking down on a highway off ramp almost turned a painstakingly slow trip into a highway delivery.


Stephanie and her husband drove to the hospital, but along the way their truck glided to a halt and left them unexpectedly stranded. Immediately Stephanie’s husband hopped out to look for help and just as soon as he started looking he found a snowplow ready and willing to help.


Her husband, Hugh, hailed the snow plow by jumping up and down, telling the driver, “My wife is going into labor. She’s going to have the baby like right now. We need a ride to the hospital over there,”reported the Virginian Pilot.


Luckily the snow plow driver obliged and the couple hopped aboard. The nearest hospital was just a few miles from where they ditched their truck and the snowplow made it there in no time. Unfortunately and unexpectedly the hospital door was locked. One more wrench thrown into an already complex process and the baby was inching ever close with Stephanie’s contractions just minutes apart.


On to the next hospital, the plow driver made it in minutes and dropped Stephanie and Hugh off at the emergency room. At this point her contractions were just minutes apart and she wasn’t sure she would make it, so she urged her husband to hurry ahead. Just minutes later she would give birth to their first son, Brayden.


And thanks to lucky timing and a friendly snow plow driver Brayden didn’t have to meet his family on a snowy highway.


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