Republicans have been trying to defund Planned Parenthood for over a year now and the entire campaign is built on lies, hyperbole, and emotional fear mongering. The truth is Planned Parenthood provides dozens of different services to millions of women in thousands of communities all across the country. While the entire argument to defund Planned Parenthood centers on abortion and nothing else.


Planned Parenthood is an entrenched institution in communities all across the country. Women know they can go to Planned Parenthood for numerous kinds of contraceptive. Women know where to turn when they need to get in touch with other resources such as pediatricians and OBGYN services. Women know where to turn when they need cervical cancer screenings. And women know where to turn when they are scared, alone, and in search of an answer to a question that no man will ever have to answer.


Republicans only talk about that abortion and they only use vague moral terms that distort the reality millions of women seeking an abortion face. It is generally a sad and unfortunate situation that women find themselves in far too often, with no real source of unbiased help that allows them to sort it all out on their own terms. In it’s own way, Planned Parenthood helps women during a very emotional process.


Talk of baby murder, baby parts, all on the taxpayers dime, abound in Republican circles. The same circles where people foam at the mouth, willing to throw away millions of dollars worth of services that actively prevent abortion each year while providing women with the care they need. Republicans want to, almost literally, throw the baby out with the bathwater, all because 3% of Planned Parenthood’s resources provide abortion services.


Federal funds can’t even fund that 3% thanks to the hyde amendment.


The fact is, Planned Parenthood does a lot in a lot of communities and Republicans want to take that away. They have not yet provided an adequate replacement plan and unfortunately Federal Community Healthcare Centers are not a meaningful solution. That lack of a solution might just be why there is so much fear mongering.

div style=”line-height: 1.8em;”>People don’t willingly give up incredibly important healthcare services for no reason and the Republicans have used fear to supply that reason.