The Democratic Primary left many voters disenfranchised, as reflected in the record low turnout amongst young voters and the record high showing for third party candidates. Independents who would have voted for Bernie Sanders decided to sit out the general election. The Democrats missed a prime opportunity to pull in millions of new voters, but they failed to seize it. Instead those millions of voters seem poised to take over the Democratic Party.


Recently California State Democrats held Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEM). These aren’t glorious positions, but they are incredibly important on the local level. And Bernie Sanders supporters walked away with 618 of 1120 seats and 44 of 80 executive board positions. A big victory which will give them a big say going forward


This gives Bernie Sanders supporters significant power on the local level and significant power to shape the Democratic agenda of California state. Which is a huge deal considering the California Democratic Party has a significant amount of clout and influence on national policy. RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of the California Nurses Association a union which endorsed Bernie Sanders, stated “This is a ringing endorsement of the new direction the Democratic Party needs, not just in California, but nationally.”


Berniecrats need to replicate the success of California democrats in states all across the country. Including Republican dominated red states. The old adage “all politics is local politics” is especially true during a time where Democrats are an opposition party with little power to enact policy. Stopping corrosive change and pushing progressive policies on the local level is the most effective strategy democrats could pursue.


The energy and future of the Democratic Party will be determined by the Bernie Sanders movement. If California’s ADEM elections are any indication that future is in good hands.


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