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In New York state a cat owner recently wondered where their cat had gone, it wasn’t for days that they realized their cat Gumbo had hitched a ride over 200 miles in the engine of a neighborhood Honda Odyssey.


The cat had been missing for more than a week,when much to the owners surprise he turned up in nearby Lake George. Which meant he had hitched a ride 230 miles and rode in the engine all the way from Brooklyn.


The car he hitched a ride in was parked at Great Escape Six Flags and a parking lot security guard happened to discover the cat inside the engine. According to wynt.com the cat’s owner “received a call from the security guard and there was a cat in the engine. They were worried about it.”


So they called the Warren County Chief Humane Officer, Jim Fitzgerald, who quickly rescued Gumbo. Fitzgerald credited the Honda Odyssey engine design as the main reason Gumbo survived. As reported by wynt.com, “The Honda Odyssey engine is really quiet and changes from 6 cylinder to 3 cylinder while on the highway.”


Fitzgerald claimed this was the most likely reason Gumbo was able to survive his three day, over 200 mile journey.


In the end his owners were reunited and Gumbo was treated for dehydration at the local veterinary clinic.


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