The Mexican government has urged its citizens in the United States to “be careful and remain in touch with the closest Mexican consulate.” This comes following the controversial deportation of a Mexican mother in Arizona. Although deportations were not uncommon in the Obama administration the Mexican government is attempting to reach Mexicans in the United States to provide much needed services.


The Mexican government said “they expect things to change” when it comes to immigration policy in the United States. As a precaution they want to reach out to people who may be in danger and do what they can to look out for the interests of Mexicans in the United States.


CNN’s Leyla Santiago reported from the border, “I spoke with one man who told me he’s been deported several times. He’s here waiting for the opportunity to cross that border again. He said he wants the American dream and nobody, not even president Trump will take that away from him.”


Santiago also discussed the implications for consulate officials, who are “working incredibly hard” to ensure that Mexicans are reached and consulted in a timely manner. All in a larger scheme from the Mexican government to ensure due process and the rights of Mexican Americans are always observed. And judging from this stand it seems likely they felt the controversial deportation of a mother in Arizona was a big enough break from precedent to warrant such an action.


It’s unclear exactly what the Mexican government or the consulate will be able to do to change the shifting tide of immigration policy, but as far as a public relations show goes this is a great move from Mexico. It shows Donald Trump that his policy does not operate in a vacuum. There are consequences, there are implications, and those facts are especially true when your administration is pushing unpopular policy that rips families apart.


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