On Friday the Trump administration began to carry out multi-city immigration raids and detained hundreds of undocumented citizens living in the United States. People from Los Angeles to North Carolina now live in fear that spontaneous immigration raids could rip their family apart, and Bernie Sanders has long proved to be one of the only people willing to call out inhumane immigration policy.


Throughout the Obama years hundreds of thousands of immigrants were deported and for fairly obvious political reasons Democrats were incredibly hesitant to call him out. Bernie Sanders was a notable exception, although not a democrat, he was one of the few American politicians willing to hold Obama accountable in regards to deportations and immigrant rights. Now that the Trump administration has proven even more calloused, deporting hundreds in broad daylight, it’s time for Bernie Sanders to stand against a new administration.


President Trump was in office for less than three weeks before he started enacting his campaign promises and began detaining and deporting undocumented citizens. One deportation made national headlines when a mother who had lived in the country for decades was sent back to Mexico after seeing her immigration enforcement officer for a routine meeting. Hundreds more were rounded up in six major cities, leaving them and their families fate up in the air. Perhaps most ominously though these Trump raids took place in broad daylight and ICE officials have been spotted in places that they would have seemed distinctly out of place in just months ago, like Kansas. A big change


This new found flagrance and intentional scare tactics are Donald Trump’s way of ushering in his campaign promises and it’s up to politicians like Bernie Sanders to oppose these policies. Bernie Sanders in particular brings a moral purity to the immigration debate other Democrats simply can not muster. Not because they aren’t equally outraged or motivated to solve the problem, but because four years ago when Obama was behind the raids they were silent.


Bernie Sanders was one of the few politicians willing to hold the Obama administration accountable for any number of unpopular positions, ranging from immigration to NSA reform. Now those issues are once again in the spotlight and unfortunately many of his colleagues are unable to adequately hold Trump’s feet to the fire without the Republicans crying hypocrite. A criticism that unfortunately will carry some weight because large swaths of the Democratic Party were silent while Obama’s ICE officials did the same thing, albeit under the cover of night.


Immigration policy has entered a new era and for millions of immigrant families this issue is a matter of life or death. Families are being separated and politicians who stand for those families through thick and thin, Democratic Administration and Republican, those are the politicians who can effectively fight for those families.


Unfortunately Bernie Sanders is one of the few politicians with the credibility to do so. It will be an effort that takes all manner of Democrats and left leaning Americans, but Bernie Sanders is one of the few figures with the moral legitimacy to lead the charge.


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