The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released their long anticipated score of the Senate GOP’s Obamacare replacement, and it’s not a pretty scene for Republicans. The CBO estimates that 22 million people will lose their health insurance by 2026 under the Senate’s healthcare bill.


The score will make it harder for Republican Senators to support the legislation, which Senate Leader Mitch McConnell hopes to hold a vote on next week. There are currently 5 Senators opposed to the bill, 3 more than the GOP can afford to lose and still pass their bill.


In the next year alone, 15 million would become uninsured compared to the current law, according to CBO estimates.


Despite devastating cuts to healthcare, the bill would only reduce the federal deficit by $32.1 billion per year, a tiny fraction of America’s nearly $4 trillion budget for FY2017.


The healthcare bill has thus far been exposed by the conservative wing of the party. This includes Senators Ted Cruz (R – Texas), Rand Paul (R – Kentucky), and Mike Lee (R – Utah). This score from the Congressional Budget Office if unlikely to help persuade them to support the bill, and might lead to more moderates like Susan Collins (R – ME) to swing their vote to no.


It’s tough to see how the GOP gets to 51 votes by the July 4th deadline, which has led organizations like the National Governors Association to plead with Senators to slow the process down and not rush.


The Senate bill has an approval rating of around 20 percent. This compared to Obamacare, which currently sits at a 51 percent approval among the public.


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