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Donald Trump’s Trade Policies Would Devastate the Global Economy

Donald Trump

Some Bernie Sanders supporters have switched their allegiance to Donald Trump following Sanders’ loss in the Democratic primary, and they almost always point to trade as the reason why. The argument is pretty straightforward: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are both opposed to the trade deals and globalization that have shipped American jobs overseas and hurt American wages.   That …

What Brexit Tells us about the World


On June 23rd, in a move that left political pundits and polling experts stunned, the United Kingdom voted 52% – 48% to leave the European Union. Both the UK and the EU immediately began feeling the consequences of the vote before the final tally was even complete. Prime Minister David Cameron immediately announced his resignation, global stocks plummeted, the pound …

How Will Millennials Shape the World’s Economy?

Getty Images/Valentin Casarsa

The 2 billion member Millennial generation is reaching early adulthood, and they are already having a profound effect on the global economy. Businesses around the world are continually meeting and instituting reform in an attempt to capture the interests of the emerging market. So what do young people believe and how will the economy respond to their demands?   Millennials …

FBI Investigating Claims Russians Hacked DNC Emails

Alexei Nikolsky/Getty Images

The FBI announced Monday they will launch an investigation into the recent DNC email hacks, specifically claims that Russia was responsible. The Democratic National Committee has been blaming Russia since the emails first leaked, suggesting Russia was meddling in the election with the goal of aiding Donald Trump’s election chances.   The leaked emails cause an enormous stir in the …

Erdogan Continues Crackdown Following Failed Coup Attempt


On Saturday, the Turkish government announced it had successfully seized more than 2,250 social, educational, and healthcare facilities that it deemed to pose a threat to national security. The seizures come amidst Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s declaration of a three-month state of emergency following the July 15th coup attempt. The coup ended with 294 killed and more than 6,000 …

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