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Could Tulsi Gabbard be the Next Bernie Sanders?

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With Bernie Sanders’ full throated endorsement of Hillary Clinton, many of his supporters find themselves in a tough position. They refuse to support Clinton, and with Bernie Sanders no longer leading the opposition, they feel as if nobody’s representing their point of view. Most prominent progressives within the Democratic Party have endorsed Hillary Clinton as well, including Oregon Senator Jeff …

How the Republican Party Created Donald Trump

Donald Trump debate

Donald Trump isn’t the first right wing populist to take the Republican Party by storm, but he’s the first to truly give them everything they want. Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, even John McCain and Newt Gingrich all pushed moderated versions of the Donald Trump message.   The biggest difference? Donald Trump goes where the disenfranchised white working class voter wanted …

Who is Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions?


Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions has had a long and illustrious career which prior to the rise of Donald Trump was almost surely to end as a staunch conservative Senator from Alabama. However when Donald Trump reshaped American politics with his anti-establishment populism, Sessions jumped aboard the Trump train early and enthusiastically, a long shot bet which proved to be an incredibly …

Donald Trump’s Media Strategy Finally Fails Him

Donald Trump debate

Donald Trump’s entire primary campaign was strategically focused on a simple yet profound premise; any press is good press. The Donald made a tireless effort, or I should say what would be a tireless effort for any ordinary person running for the job, to constantly keep in the news cycle through bluster. He begun his campaign with a provocative call …

Dear Hillary Clinton: Don’t Screw This Up

Hillary Clinton

As we hear repeated across mainstream media daily, the 2016 general election will be a race between two of the least popular candidates to ever run for office. This fact makes the two choices the lesser of two evils for most Americans by definition. Voters see Clinton as an untrustworthy hawk and Trump as an unqualified authoritarian in an electorate …

The Most Significant Impact of the Bernie Sanders Campaign that No One’s Talking About


With the Democratic National Convention wrapped up and the race now decidedly between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, many are reflecting on the primaries as we enter the void between the official nominations of the candidates and the first Presidential debate that will refocus the nation’s attention on politics.   This reflection is bittersweet for many Bernie Sanders supporters, who …

An Open Letter To Hillary From a Bernie Delegate

Hillary Clinton

This commentary originally appeared on The Hill.   Dear Secretary Clinton:   Like most of the other Bernie Sanders delegates at the national convention last week, I don’t trust you. At the same time, we have a common interest in defeating Donald Trump. That ought to be the basis for a tactical alliance during the next 99 days — but …

Trump Vows Crackdown on Porn on Same Day He Praises Wife’s Nude Photos

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In a move that could seemingly only come from Donald Trump, the businessman’s campaign praised his wife Melania’s nude photos being printed by the New York Post on the same day he promised to crack down on internet porn.   On Monday morning on CNN’s Reliable sources, Trump’s campaign adviser Tim Miller told host Brian Stelter the campaign had no …

Nina Turner Considering Green Party Run With Jill Stein

Nina Turner

High level Bernie Sanders’ surrogate Nina Turner is considering an offer from Jill Stein to join the Green Party ticket in the Vice Presidential spot. Jill Stein has long been trying to convince Bernie Sanders to run Green Party, arguing the Democratic Primary was rigged against him, but Bernie Sanders opted to endorse Hillary Clinton to Stein’s dismay.   Turner …

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