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The Two Taboos that are Ruining Science Education

Andy DeLisle/Arizona State University

Most research on the scientific literacy of the American public show a population that is deeply ignorant of even some of the most rudimentary scientific facts. 26 % of the public thinks the sun revolves around the earth, 51% doubt the earth is 14 billion years old, 42% don’t believe in evolution, and 22 % reject the science of climate …

How Drake Mastered Social Media


Drake has been around for a while, but the summer of 2015 was definitely a high water mark for an already remarkably successful tenure. His 2015 mixtape, If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late, launched with extraordinary fanfare and every single track eventually reached the Billboard Hot 100. Drake’s music was spreading further than it ever had before and thanks …

We Finally Have Some Good News on Climate Change

Climate Change

According to a new study in the journal Science, Antarctica’s ozone hole has finally begun to recover. The hole was discovered in 1985 and had plagued scientist since. The “hole” is the label given to a layer in the Antarctic stratosphere between 10 and 15 Kilometers in altitude where the ozone had been virtually depleted.   In 1987 the “Montreal …

Florida Announces 10 New Cases of Zika Virus

Associated Press

Florida Governor Rick Scott announced 10 new cases of Zika across Florida on Monday. There have now been 14 cases of the Zika virus confirmed in the state over the course of the last week.   Governor Scott is requesting emergency response from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Of the 14 Floridians who have contracted the virus, 12 …

Zika Virus Confirmed in United States and UK


For some time the Zika Virus has made headlines thanks to its prevalence in South America and the particularly gruesome side effects experienced by pregnant women. More recently it has made headlines for the potential problems it might cause during the Rio Olympics. Now it’s making news because both the United States and the United Kingdom have confirmed cases of …

The Sand Fire, Once in a Generation, or Southern California’s New Normal?


Southern California has always been warm and dry, but half a decade of drought has created a climate incredibly prone to uncontrollable fire. Almost daily freeway side patches of grass and shrub covered hills light on fire, but generally those fires are stamped out quite quickly. Recently a fire started in a similar fashion, a dry patch of grass right …

Record 2016 Heat Wave is Baffling Climate Scientists

David Mcnew/Getty Images

The first half of 2016 has been one of record heat and environmental catastrophes worldwide. Fires are burning up thousands of acres of land across California, flooding in India and China has displaced millions, and the Middle East has struggled to cope with temperatures consistently over 100 degrees.   “Massive temperature hikes, but also extreme events like floodings, have become …

Universal Basic Income is the Best Solution to Poverty We Have

Getty Images/Adek Berry

The idea of a universal basic income – a flat cash payment to all citizens regardless of merit – isn’t a new idea, but it’s one that has been catching steam recently in the United States amidst stagnating wages and price inflation. Despite the relatively robust economic recovery in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, economic inequality has increased …

Verizon Purchases Yahoo for $4.83 billion

Getty Images

Verizon announced early Monday morning that it was going to purchase Yahoo for a whopping $4.8 billion. The sale will give Verizon access to Yahoo’s one billion monthly users.   Yahoo, once the dominant search engine and web portal, will end its 21 year history as an independent company.   Marissa Mayer took over as Yahoo CEO in 2012, promising …

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